Take a Bite Out of Crime with a Career in Forensic Accounting

If you have a mind for numbers and an interest in law, you might want to consider pursuing a career in forensic accounting. As a forensic accountant, you will enjoy employment opportunities within a variety of different settings while also earning a very attractive income.

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What Does a Business Degree Have to Do With It?

I have often mentioned that I have a daughter in her first year of college. Her major is currently undecided and seems to change with whatever exciting jobs she believes in at the moment.

She mentioned becoming an event planner and when I said, Okay, so you will get a business degree, she immediately stated What does a business degree have to do with it? Getting a business degree offers degree holders an enormous amount of flexibility when it comes to choosing a future career. It is one of those all encompassing degrees that are not so specialized that it limits a graduates job choices.

There are so many fields and careers one can pursue with a bachelor’s degree in business. Here we look at a few of those careers.

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